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We are proud to announce that at May 8, 2017, Villagepump has passed the selection for the Making Waves event by winning a pitch contest at the University of Wageningen. Making Waves is a speakers event providing a podium for showcasing the most intriguing examples of Dutch ingenuity. Making Waves supports innovative ideas to reach the attention of organizations, policy and decision makers and investors. Making Waves serves as the grand finale in the selection process for the innovation that will represent the Netherlands at the European level of “Ideas from Europe”.

June 2017 - Urban Campsite Amsterdam: when there is to much iron in the water

May 2017 - Making waves

We have recently installed a Villagepump at the Urban Campsite Amsterdam. Due to the high concentration of iron in the raw water, we have provided this unit with a simple add-on filter for removing iron. This filter is located between the feed pump and the Ultrafiltration membrane and installed outside the Villagepump. The water first passes this filter before it enters the UF membrane. Inlet water is low level ground water with a concentration of iron more than 1,5 mg/liter. The outlet water has a concentration of less than 0,4 mg/liter.

The iron removal unit is expected to be replaced every 6 to 9 months.