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  • Maarten Willems

Litre for litre by NKD Life Movement

Litre for litre by NKD Life Movement. UK based NKD Life develops and sells innovative personal water purifyers. For every litre a consumer enjoys clean, safe, great tasting water, NKD Life will provide the same for a child or family in need around the world! As part of this great initiative, NKD Lifes sponsors a water kiosk at the Chitsanze Primary School in Kenya. The school is supported by the Dutch foundation Tenda Pamoja and the kiosk building has just been finalized. Surface water and harvested rain water will be purified by the hand-powered water treatment device Villagepump 500 and made available for school children, staff and the villagers. Looking forward to the grand opening! Thanks to NKDlife and Tenda Pamoja for making this possible. hashtag#villagepump hashtag#watertreatment hashtag#NKDlife hashtag#waterkiosk hashtag#tendapamoja