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Data Sheet Villagepump 500 Electrified



Dimensions                                                          1,73m x 0,50m x 0,62m (h x w x d);

Weight                                                                  80kg


Model 1- 230V                                                       Suitable for connection to power grid (230V – 50 Hz) and can be equipped with:

                                                                               Feed Pump A: submersible Grundfos UNILIFT CC5 - M1: max 400 l/hr; maximum static head: 2 meter;                                                                                           length of hose: 5 meter; no mesh pre-filter! Suitable for light polluted water / rain water.

                                                                               Feed Pump B: submersible Grundfos SB 3-25 M: max 500 l/hr; maximum static head: 7 meter; length of                                                                                        hose: 10 meter; 1 mm mesh pre-filter; Suitable for light till average polluted water.

                                                                               - higher static head  or other hose length on request.


Model 2 – 24V                                                       Suitable for connection to 24V power supply (for example solar power installation) and is equipped with                                                                                        submersible Pentair feed pump with maximum capacity of 320 l/hr and maximum static head of 20 meter;                                                                                 length of hose: 15 meter; 0,5 mm mesh pre filter; suitable for light till average polluted water

                                                                              - higher static head or other hose length on request


Power Consumption                                            Model 1: 500 W rated (Feed Pump A)

                                                                               Model 1: 750 W rated (Feed Pump B)

                                                                               Model 2: 200 - 250 W rated, depending on depth of water source


Technology                                                          Capillary Ultrafiltration Membranes, Pentair Aquaflex 4.5    

                                                                              Optional: Activated carbon cartridge (2,5 x 20" or 4,5 x 20")


Cleaning                                                               Automatic high-pressure backwash

Adjustable frequency of back-wash


Biological retention and turbidity                      Results after treatment by Villagepump:

                                                                               Total Coliform / E Coli / F Coli: <1 CFU/100ml

Total Plate Count: <100 CFU/ml.

                                                                              Turbidity: < 5 NTU (with a maximum of 500 NTU at raw water)


                                                                              Operating conditions                                         

                                                                              Ambient temperature min +1°C, max +40°C

                                                                              Feed water temperature min +1° C, max +30°C