Villagepump works globally with local partners for supply and support
Our local partners could also act as integrator and maintenance company

Villagepump is extremely proud of the delivered projects and the list below will give you an impression of the countries and solutions we provided.
Do you have a drinking water project in your country, area or community and would like to see your project back in the list underneath? Please contact us and we will love to help

Malaysia - purification of harvested rainwater

Our distributor in Malaysia, Weida, has been a
loyal partner for already a long time. Weida is a leading supplier of water
infrastructural projects and manufactures big rotation moulded tanks and tubes.
Weida is based in Kuching, Sarawak. Weida distributes drinking water all over
Malaysia and for the more remote places they rely on Villagepump, especially in
combination with harvesting of rain- and mountain water. They used to build nice
platforms and roofs to combine the big tanks that collect the rain- of mountain
water with our Villagepump.

Bangladesh - first installation of solar powered Villagepump

Our first solar powered Villagepump 500's  have been installed near Cox's Bazar in

The project was done in close collaboration
with BRAC Bangladesh. This densely populated area consists of refugee camps and
small villages. Sweet drinking water is sufficient available but unfortunately
has been bacteriologically contaminated, resulting in poor living conditions
for the local inhabitants. About 4,000 people in total have now access to safe
drinking water, which they had not before. With only pushing the button. The
power of sun takes care for the purification of the water!  Maintenance, management and monitoring of
these water-purifying devices is taken care of by our partner BRAC.

Kenya - water & education

From 1991 on more than 50 schools has been
established in the region south of Mombassa by the Dutch foundation Verkaart
Development Team. Besides education, the schools are also used for providing
clean drinking water to the children and the locals. Twice a year during rainy
season rainwater is harvested in the surrounding ponds and lakes. And also
rainwater from the roofs of the school is collected in big tanks. However this
water is not 100% safe drinking water. In several villages, Villagepump 500 has been installed in
order to purify the harvested rainwater. The purified water is given for free
to the children of the school. Locals can buy the water for a low price. With
the money raised by selling the water, the maintenance costs for the Villagepumps are covered. This
combination of rain water harvesting and purifiying water, managed by a school,
is an excellent example of a sustainable long-term solution for providing clean
drinking water.

These Villagepumps have been donated by:

- Triqua International BV, The Netherlands

- Wenzi Foundation, The Netherlands

- Tenda Pamoja Foundation, The Netherlands/Kenya

- Rotary Amsterdam-Zuid

- NKD Life, London United Kingdom

India - Savargaon, partly funded as CSR offset

Funding for our Villagepumps comes from different sources. It could be government or NGO or
aid-relief, the army or charity. But in India, there is another source. Commercial
businesses have an obligation to donate a certain amount of their nett profit
to social impact projects, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility
policy. In Savargoan, India, a Villagepump was funded in this way, by a CSR
contribution by PubMatic India, with a nice reference as result:

"We are happy to share the successful installation and functioning of water purifier installed by Tej Urbantech LLP at Savargaon, Jamkhed Taluka, Nagar District in Maharashtra, India",
as stated by the Village Social Transformation Foundation, after the first 60
days of installation of a Villagepump in Savargaon, Maharashstra. "We
sincerely thank PubMatic India Pvt. Ltd., Shree Kasba Ganapati Samajik Sanstha
Pune and Tej Urbantech LLP Pune for facilitating the entire process towards the
installation. Looking forward to extending similar support in the future across

Yemen - financed by crowd funding

"My name is Faris Alqubati, a
passionate Yemeni social activist based in the Netherlands since 2013. Water in
Yemen has been a major scarcity for a long time and access to clean water has
been almost impossible. This has motivated and inspired me to start an
initiative for a relief . When I started seeking for solutions to the water
problems in Yemen I was directed to look at a system called Villagepump, a
small company that figured out a way to filter water while pumping water from
various sources. It aspired me to start my entrepreneurial journey and bring
this amazing invention to Yemen where people can make the most out of it

Faris started a crowd funding campaing Clean
Water for Hope - and managed to raise funds for two Villagepumps for Yemen,
that have been installed end of 2019. With this remarkable action, he attracked
full attention of the national media in the Netherlands.  

India - Elisabeth orphanage "kinderen van India"

The Dutch based foundation "Kinderen van India" has set up an orphanage in 1989 in
Pendra Road in the province Chhattisgarh (central India). The last two years
the number of cases of waterborn diseases increased sharply. In particular the
number of infectious diseases such as typhoid fever has risen sharply. The
drinking water is extracted from a well located on the property. This source
should provide clean drinking water but due to the many rains and the intensive
use of the land over the past period, probably bacteria has polluted the water.
After a succesfull installation of two Villagepump 500 Standard the water is now free of bacteria and the amount of waterborn diseases has decreased substantially. 

"The villagepumps are made in such a way that they are easu to operate. The village pumps purify our well water and the children use the purified water. The maintenance is also easy as the nuts and parts are available. Recently the Officier of the Forest Department told us that he was impressed by the Village pumps."

Rev. John Stish George, Director


"Each day the school master fills a big yellow basket for each classroom. Children can drink whenever they are thirstry. The pump is now running for nearly two years. It is doing very well."

Nepal - emergency aid

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake was the worst
natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.
Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages
flattened, across many districts of the country. Meelan Gurung, Group Managing
Director of the Singaporese based company Acuatico Pte Ltd, wanted to do
something about this situation and decided to donate several Villagepumps 500
for the city of Kathmandu. These Villagepumps are plug-and-play and can be put into
operation on a short term. Within a few hours clean drinking water was
available for the affected population and soon the Villagepumps were used on a
daily basis, highly appreciated by the locals. 

Indonesia - long lasting relationship

Indonesia is an important country for Villagepump. We are having a long lasting relation with our local distributor PT TWA, based in Jakarta. Over the years hundreds of hand-powered Villagepump
500 have been installed all around in the Indonesian archipel, and this amount
is continously growing. Main source of raw water for our Villagepumps is
surface water or shallow wells. 


Water is life, but what kind of water are we talking about? Kamani is a village in the Koulikoro
region in the south of Mali. Even with their feet in the water, the people from
this peaceful fisherman village have always suffered from a drinking water problem.
Like for a lot of Malian villages, the Niger river was the only water source,
but certainly not clean enough for drinking water. In Kamani, the Villagepump
is the symbol of a village in progress. According the village’s health officer,
this water purification system will without any doubt have a positive impact on
the life expectance of its inhabitants.

 Mr Issiaka: “As a native person from this village I can assure you that this is one of the most useful and
beneficial initiatives of the past decennium. Water is life and so life came
back to Kamani, making us very happy and we drink to the health of the partners
of Villagepump, Malibiocarburant and the inhabitants from Kamani. Thanks ones
more for providing maintenance and follow-up of this pump!”


Villagepump brings safe water to communities that have no access to water for drinking, cooking, washing and other applications that saves and improves lives.
Sustainability and affordability are key to success.


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