The Villagepump team

We are a small and dedicated team and outsource work when desirable; for example manufacturing, installations and local service. The core of the work; research, development, operations, sales and marketing is done in house. We would like to explain what drives us and why we do what we do. And we would like to briefly introduce the people who make Villagepump spin.

Why we do this

We want to make the world a better place. And we think we can contribute, a little bit. We consider mother Earth has a couple of big challenges ahead; for people, animals and nature to survive. For people there are three main challenges; growing food, produce (clean) energy and (drinking) water…. Water is key for life and although there is plenty of water on the planet, just a very small amount is suitable for consumption. Villagepump is into the transition of water into drinking water.

How we work

We have the knowledge, plans and resources to develop our own line of solutions that we independently can manufacture and market. We look globally for local partners (always support your local economy!) to work with. Our solutions not only bring safe drinking water, it also helps reducing the environmental footprint by eliminating the need for plastic bottles. Our focus is on off grid, smaller, sustainable and affordable solutions.

What we do

The Villagepump 500 water purifying solution, filters bacteria and viruses and helps fighting and preventing diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Hepatitis.
The Villagepump 500 is affordable, proven, reliable, maintainable and easy to work with. Wherever for whatever reason water could not be purified to drinking water standards (too remote, too complicated product, lack of funding), Villagepump has the solution today.

Maarten Willems

Maarten has over 20 years working experience in mechanical product development and engineering, working on a large variety of products. For Villagepump he has developed the Villagepump products together with Rob van Opdorp. Since the start of the company he spend a lot of time improving the products, finetuning the assembly and testing facility.
He gained a lot of field experience by visiting our distributors on all kinds of locations around the world. User feedback is key for improving our product and expending the lifetime of our productrange. You can contact Maarten At or +31-6-19 200 140

Ferdinand ter Heide

Ferdinand ter Heide is one of the co-founders of Villagepump and still acts as chairman. He is a typical entrepreneur and he has set up successful businesses throughout his career. Next to a busy professional career he also worked for organisations like Greenpeace. He is a fanatic blue water sailor (from Cape Horn to Spitsbergen, and back) and has an genuine interest in nature and the environment, which explains why he invested in Villagepump. In his spare free time he likes to watch wild life birds and his favourite hobby is cycling.

Joost de Waard

With a back-ground as industrial designer, a career at a design agency and Siemens Netherlands and a great passion for product development, Joost joined Villagepump in 2012. First as project manager product development organising the development of the proof of concept of the very first Villagepump 500 into the stage of prototyping, manufacturing and testing. Later on moving to the position of chief operations officer becoming responsible for product development, manufacturing, sales support, logistics and back-office.
Joost stood also on the base of setting up the network of local distributors who represent Villagepump worldwide. You can contact Joost at or +31 27 08 55 39.

Piet Demmer

Educated as a ships engineer, Piet worked as a technical marine officer for several years on merchant ships. Started on-shore as a technical sales engineer in 1982 in the market for flow regulation equipment. In 1988 he started as an international sales engineer in the high tech, innovative mechanical equipment for the car tyres production industry. Working with accounts like Dunlop tyre, Michelin, Continental and Hankook tyre.
In 1997 he made the switch to the water related market , working as an international sales and marketing manager in the Middle East and Far East. The water projects were related to customers in the Oil, Gas and Power industries for the realisation of the total sea water intake systems for cooling-water purpose. From 2018, Piet retired and now wants to spend his technical knowledge and international sales experience for those who need access to safe and clean drinking water.


Villagepump brings safe water to communities that have no access to water for drinking, cooking, washing and other applications that saves and improves lives.
Sustainability and affordability are key to success.


The Netherlands
CoC number: 53303857
VAT-ID number: NL850830539B01