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Data Sheet Villagepump 500 Standard



Dimensions                                                          1,73m x 0,50m x 0,62m (h x w x d);

Weight                                                                  80kg


Performance                                                         Max 500 l/hr          


Installation connections                                     ¾ inch hose connection

(inlet, drain)                                                          Maximum static head (vertical distance between Villagepump and water level): 3  meter; maximum length of inlet hose 10 meter.


Technology                                                          0,05 mm Mesh Filter

                                                                              Capillary Ultrafiltration Membranes (with automatic backwash)           

                                                                              Activated Carbon cartridge (optional)


Cleaning                                                               Automatic high-pressure backwash

Periodical chlorine dispensing


Biological retention and turbidity                       Results after treatment by Villagepump:

                                                                               Total Coliform / E Coli / F Coli: <1 CFU/100ml

Total Plate Count at 22°C: <100 CFU/ml.

                                                                               Turbidity: < 5 NTU (with a maximum of 100 NTU at raw water) Improving taste and colour (optional)                                                                                  Activated Carbon cartridge 20" carbon block (2,5 x 20")


Ultrafiltration Membrane approval                    NSF 61


Storage and handling                                          Villagepump should be stored dry and protected against freezing. Villagepump should be operated                                                                                   preferable at regular/daily base. When stored for a longer time, special treatment is needed.


Operating conditions                                           Ambient temperature min +1°C, max +45°C

                                                                               Feed water temperature min +3° C, max +35°C



Limited warranty: Villagepump BV represents and warrants for the warranty period of one year after installation of 18 months after delivery (whatever date comes first) that its product will be free from substantial defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is subject to exclusions and limitations. For details on warranty and limitation of liability please refer to our warranty sheet.


Disclaimer: The information and data contained in this document are based on our general experience and are believed to be correct. They are given in good faith and are intended to provide a guidance for the selection and use of our products. Since the conditions under which our product may be used are beyond our control, this information does not imply any guarantee of final product performance and we cannot accept any liability with respect to the use of our product. The quality of our product is guaranteed under our conditions of sale. Existing industrial property rights must be observed. Villagepump BV reserves the right to make changes in the technical specifications at any time.



1.   Inlet hose

2.   Drain (Outlet)

3.   Feed Pump

4.   Activated Carbon filter (option)

5.   0,05 mm Mesh Filter

6.   Backwash buffer

7.   Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane

8.   Valve

9.   Disinfectant dispenser

10. Pump Handle

11. Backwash pressure indicator (manometer)

12. Tap

13. Water Meter ( )