Villagepump 500 Standard

The leading solution for off-grid water treatment

The VILLAGEPUMP 500 yields up to 500 litres of fully purified drinking water per hour, in compliance with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for micro-biological content (bacteria, viruses), TSS and NTU. Each Villagepump employs multi-stage filtering based on ultrafiltration that reduce diseases by removing waterborne pathogens that can cause diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis. The units can operate from all forms of surface water, including ponds, lakes and streams The unique, patented automatic cleaning system extends the lifetime of the precious ultrafiltration membrane up to several years, resulting in low maintenance needs and low total cost of ownership.

The VILLAGEPUMP 500 is ideal as a compact water treatment system wherever fresh surface water is available or with water storage systems (e.g. rainwater harvesting). Pure water can be directly dispensed to any intermediate storage facility.

The VILLAGEPUMP can be hand-powered, solar-powered or connected to grid power (230V/50Hz). The use of robust materials and high-quality components gives an expected life span of at least 5 years. The VILLAGEPUMP 500 is plug-and-play, easy to maintain and exceptionally user-friendly.



1,73m x 0,50m x 0,62m (h x w x d)




500 l/hr

Installation connections(inlet, drain):

¾ inch hose connection

Maximum static head:

3 meter (vertical distance between Villagepump and water level)

Maximum length of inlet hose:

10 meter


0,05 mm Mesh Filter
Capillary Ultrafiltration Membranes (with automatic backwash)
Activated Carbon cartridge (optional)


Automatic high-pressure backwash

Total Coliform / E Coli / F Coli:

<1 CFU/100ml

Total Plate Count at 22°C:

<100 CFU/ml


< 5 NTU (with a maximum of 100 NTU at raw water) Improving taste and colour (optional) Activated Carbon cartridge 20" carbon block (2,5 x 20")

Ultrafiltration Membrane approval:

NSF 61

Storage and handling:

Villagepump should be stored dry and protected against freezing. Villagepump should be operated preferable at regular/daily base. When stored for a longer time, special treatment is needed.

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature min +1°C, max +45°C
Feed water temperature min +3° C, max +35°C


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Villagepump brings safe water to communities that have no access to water for drinking, cooking, washing and other applications that saves and improves lives.
Sustainability and affordability are key to success.


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